how much sugar is in frozen yogurt
27 Aug

How Much Sugar Is In Frozen Yogurt

If you think about it, people selling frozen yogurt and ice cream from behind the counter know what they are doing.  They will sell one or both of the products at a single time.  In some cases, they may combine the ice cream and frozen yogurt leaving customers to spend a large amount of time … Read the rest

healthiest frozen yogurt brands
8 Aug

The Healthiest Frozen Yogurt Brands

We discussed some healthy options previously in our article on the top store-bought ice creams, however, there are plenty of hot summer days in order to justify having another article on healthy frozen treats.

Here we will be covering the favorite frozen desserts that people concerned about their health love: frozen yogurt. However, whether or … Read the rest

22 Jul

Learn How To Make Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe

It’s time to get your ice cream maker out and make your very own frozen yogurt. It’s going to be a lot different than what you get at your grocery store. Super creamy and tangy sweet, you can flavor it to taste with things like your favorite fruits, vanilla, maple, butter rum, and many other … Read the rest

greek yogurt
19 Nov

How Is Greek Yogurt Made?

About ten years ago, before Greek yogurt reached its full ubiquity, the chances were good that many consumers purchased this product thinking it was the standard plain yogurt that they are accustomed to.

They took the product home, peeled off the plastic layer, only to discover that this yogurt was very different. Yet today Greek … Read the rest

Frozen Yogurt: A Healthy Dessert That's Low in Calories?
14 Nov

Frozen Yogurt: A Healthy Dessert That’s Low in Calories?

Frozen yogurt is a dessert that’s often promoted as a healthy alternative to ice cream. However, it isn’t just regular yogurt that’s been in the freezer.

In fact, it can have a vastly different nutrient profile than regular yogurt.

This article is a detailed review of frozen yogurt, exploring its nutritional content and health effects,

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Healthy Snacks: 5 Myths About Frozen Yogurt
30 Oct

Healthy Snacks: 5 Myths About Frozen Yogurt

You may feel virtuous ordering a creamy white swirl of frozen yogurt from any one of the “real” yogurt shops popping up across the country—frozen yogurt has become a $2 billion dollar industry, with the majority of consumers being female—but what are you really getting? Does fro-yo offer all the same health benefits as regular … Read the rest

Nutrition Facts: Frozen Yogurt Vs. Ice Cream
9 Oct

Nutrition Facts: Frozen Yogurt Vs. Ice Cream

Ice cream is a dessert treat you have probably enjoyed since childhood. On a hot day, a cool dish or cone of ice cream can be just the ticket. However, many types of ice cream tend to be high in calories and fat. In recent years, frozen yogurt has entered the scene as a dessert … Read the rest

Frozen and Regular Yogurt Nutrition Comparison
15 Sep

Frozen and Regular Yogurt Nutrition Comparison

Yogurt has been touted as a health food for some years, and that’s probably true because it’s an excellent source of calcium and protein. It also contains beneficial probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that can take up residence in your digestive tract (which is a good thing). But you may wonder whether frozen yogurt is

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How frozen yogurt is made
2 Sep

How frozen yogurt is made

Frozen yogurt is a refreshing, tangy dessert that combines the flavors and textures of ice cream and sherbet. Frozen yogurt is a relative new-comer in the dessert market. The history of frozen desserts dates back thousands of years to Asia where water ices were first made. Although Roman literature describes how the Emperor Nero was … Read the rest