22 Jul

Learn How To Make Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe

It’s time to get your ice cream maker out and make your very own frozen yogurt. It’s going to be a lot different than what you get at your grocery store. Super creamy and tangy sweet, you can flavor it to taste with things like your favorite fruits, vanilla, maple, butter rum, and many other flavors.

Despite how it feels in your mouth and how it looks, this is a delectable treat that gets made out of low-fat yogurt. What’s the secret? That’s draining it so you can make thick yogurt in the Greek style prior to adding in the flavors and sugar before freezing.

Granted, it’s not going to be just as low in fat as the actual original yogurt was, given how the fats were concentrated into smaller volumes. However, you’ll still have peace of mind about the high calcium content you get in a good-quality dairy product.

The Ingredients You Need

  • A quart of plain low-fat yogurt (If you’re wondering about starting with vanilla or fruit-flavored yogurt, we’ve discovered that these just don’t drain that well.)
  • A half-cup of sugar, preferably superfine Baker’s Special
  • Two tablespoons of honey or light corn syrup
  • Two or three teaspoons of vanilla extract, preferably Vanilla Crush

The Instructions To Follow

Put the yogurt into your yogurt drainer, such as the Wave. You can also divvy it up across several different paper coffee filters that you set in a strainer or even attach to cup-tops using rubber bands.

Place the yogurt in your fridge, while it is covered. Let it remain and drain for 24 hours. You should come out with roughly two cups of nice, thick yogurt. If you don’t quite feel like draining any regular yogurt, just use two cups of Greek-style thick yogurt, since there’s no need for draining that.

When the yogurt is still draining, take the bucket from an electric ice cream maker and put it into your freezer so you can chill it.

Combine your drained yogurt with all the remaining ingredients.

Freeze it in the ice cream maker per the directions of the manufacturer.

Serve it immediately. If you so desire, drizzle it with a dash of vanilla extract. Or, you can also store it in your freezer before you serve it. The confection should freeze into something rock-hard in just hours.

If you have to make it in advance, be sure you leave enough time for it to soften before you serve it. This typically takes about 15 minutes. Also, you might want to look up how to keep frozen yogurt scoopably soft indefinitely in your freezer.

Advice And Ideas From Our Own Bakers

Try this interesting variation: Rather than sweetening with corn syrup, use honey and two tablespoons of spiced rum. It’s the rum that will keep the yogurt a little softer while in the freezer.

Does your frozen yogurt come out rock hard? Just take it out of your freezer so it can sit out at room temperature from 10 to 15 minutes, letting it soften up nicely. If you want to keep frozen yogurt indefinitely in the freezer that’s soft and scoopable, just add three tablespoons of alcohol to the yogurt in the last few minutes before you freeze it.

That can be vodka, brandy, or spiced rum. Take the content out of the ice cream maker before you stir it thoroughly and pack it into an airtight container that you put in your freezer compartment.

If you want a great final touch, drizzle your frozen yogurt with just a dash of vanilla extract, particularly when this extract has some seeds in it.

Do you want to skip low-fat yogurt for nonfat yogurt? Feel free. Just know that your frozen yogurt is going to come not quite so creamy, although it will still be quite delightful.

If you want a great treat, then pair your frozen yogurt with some homemade Faux-Reo cookies.